मझधारमा ।


मझधारमा गीत गाउँदा
परेली पो चल्बलाएछ ।
तिम्रो न्यानो साथ पाउँदा
जुनेली रातले गिज्याएछ ।

फूल जस्तै तिम्रो रूपले
आकर्षित गरिरहेको छ ।
नशालु तिम्रो मुस्कानले
यो मन खल्बलीरहेको छ ।

निष्फिक्री घुम्न थाले
तिम्रो असीम प्यारमा
चुमे तिमीलाई भित्रैदेखि
यो बसन्त बहारमा ।


स्थानः आनन्दगृह, हेटौंडा, नेपाल (२००८)


About Ram Tamang

I'm no different to the average person. I am a happy go lucky individual and go with the flow. I am very courageous and have strong morals. I am down to earth and simple person. I like to walk to the beaches and love to do meditation there. During my leisure time I read, go shopping, go driving or go for yoga. I am a kind, caring, sincere person and have a genuine concern for other people. I enjoy doing things for other people as well as sharing experiences and activities with family and friends. I like playing guitar, spending time outside, listening music, and I enjoy watching sports. Moreover, I like to write songs regarding nature, spirituality and love. Any suggestions, don't forget to mail me at: ramtamang@outlook.com

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