My Inspiration

Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
(Shrii Shrii Anandamurti)

Shrii P.R.Sarkar- A Great Philosopher, Political Thinker, Social Reformer, Neo-Humanist, Educationalist, Artist, Scientist, Social Theorist, Poet, Yoga and Spiritual Teacher. Sarkar was born during the full moon of the Indian month of Vaeshakh (Buddha Purnima), on 21 May 1921 (at 6:07 in the morning) to Lakshmi Narayan Sarkar, a homoeopathic doctor of considerable renown. His family hailed from Bamunpara (Brahmanpara), Burdwan District in West Bengal. Sarkar was known as an exceptionally bright child in his youth, practicing meditation by himself at an early age and displaying great knowledge of various languages and various topics; knowledge which was reportedly not gained in school, reading books, nor listening to teachers or any other outer source.


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